Weple Money App Reviews

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Simple, instinctive, grafic sympa


How to change the currency into US dollar?

I checked the setting but couldnt find it

Very good



It is well organized and easy to use! Great way to track where your money is going.

I used this app almost 3 years

I like it. It used easily and so cute interface. Thanks developer.

BEST budgeting app ever

this app will show ones income & expenses at a glance, as well as what is left over. I love that it is shown on a calendar as this helps provide a much more clear idea for whats ahead. I am one of those people that prepare months ahead of time & I couldnt be happier with this app.


I want a limit on how much i can spend on each category. Everything else is great about this app

Greatest app ever

This app is great for mantaining consciousness over your expenses, it very clear and easy to use. I like it so much that I spend part of my time writing a review!

One great app!!

Its easy to use, full of functions, and s useful.

Decimal values

How to enter decimal values? I cant find it. For example, I spent 2 dollars and 36 cents, so I spent 2,36. I didnt menage to enter a value like that, or there is no option for it.

Nice app for tracking my spending:)

Simple, easy to use, well-organized. Good enough to me.

Useful app

Really cool and useful for control my money.

Simple and good

It is very simple in use and good!!!

easy to use

you can statistically see how much of portion you have spent on each category.

Its awesome!

This app is very useful to clean up my budget and spend

Very good!!


Great app

Love this app! Very detail-oriented


Simple is the best

Exactly what I want



simple and cute.

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