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Weple Money app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 9152 ratings )
Business Finance
Developer: bumblebee
Current version: 3.2.6, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 27 Mar 2013
App size: 47.65 Mb

Because they are people who do not use household ledger very often, we have analyzed people who do not use it. While it is good to manage perfectly all things in the real world, it is still difficult for the system to automatically do that. As such, people have to directly and manually manage and adjust it.

That is why people think that maintaining a housekeeping book is very difficult and cumbersome. We made this for such users.
Do not think that complex functions are difficult. Gradually start maintaining a housekeeping book with Weple Money. We can also do it. We will cheer you on.
We hope that a small change will come your way with Weple Money.

Pros and cons of Weple Money app for iPhone and iPad

Weple Money app good for

It is well organized and easy to use! Great way to track where your money is going.
I like it. It used easily and so cute interface. Thanks developer.
this app will show ones income & expenses at a glance, as well as what is left over. I love that it is shown on a calendar as this helps provide a much more clear idea for whats ahead. I am one of those people that prepare months ahead of time & I couldnt be happier with this app.
I want a limit on how much i can spend on each category. Everything else is great about this app
This app is great for mantaining consciousness over your expenses, it very clear and easy to use. I like it so much that I spend part of my time writing a review!
you can statistically see how much of portion you have spent on each category.

Some bad moments

How to enter decimal values? I cant find it. For example, I spent 2 dollars and 36 cents, so I spent 2,36. I didnt menage to enter a value like that, or there is no option for it.
It quickly sorts my finances and makes it easy to see where my major spends are.
Ive downloaded and wasted time & money on 10 different finance apps to test them. First, the amazing things: - Responsive, I never wait for anything to load - It reminds you to input daily - You can calculate on spot, perfect if youre dealing with another currency 3 things I need: - A way to put decimal point in amount without having to go into the calculator - More currency choices from the Arab world - An easier way to pick categories for entries: either by typing to search for it or an easy way to scroll through bigger icons. This is the only thing making me use MoneyTron instead.
It should have all kind if currency and also transfer between the account option
i love the customizable design of this app, which is the main reason i use it. a lot more aesthetically appealing than a lot of other personal finance apps. it also has some useful features, like sub-categories for cash or credit, what type of savings, etc. Weple Money could use a tutorial, however. it was a little confusing when i first used it. i do wish you could see a total of all your savings, accumulated month-to-month on the main calendar scene. the monthly carrying over is awkward, too. itd be easier to automatically carry over without placing it on the calendar and having an option not to carry over.
Lots of features! Get ready to figure them all out! This is a great bill-reminder and budgeting app. Will track cash, debit, and credit expenses. Doesnt forecast balance that I could see. I must have tried out 40 different finance apps and this one is the best. The best selling point for me was the calendar tracking but also expense tracking: this way, if I didnt spend all $200 on groceries on one day, I can input the expense against a running budget! Need the ability to mark a bill as paid and also cleared vs. uncleared for bank reconciliation.

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